Can this information be used for self-medication?
If I am already taking medications for a chronic illness, can I safely take over-the counter medications without consulting my doctor?
If I am pregnant or breast-feeding my baby, can I take common medications without consulting my doctor?
If I am suffering from a liver or kidney disease, can I take medications for other ailments without consulting my doctor?
If I have been prescribed antibiotics, can I discontinue the drug once I feel better?
If I am recommended a medication by a friend or relative, should I take it without consulting my doctor?
If I have taken a medication before and it has helped me, should I take it for an extended period without consulting my doctor?
Is it safe for me to drive OR consume alcohol if I am taking prescription medications?
What should I check while buying medications from the Pharmacy?
Is my friendly neighbourhood Pharmacist the right person to consult for common ailments?
What is meant by MRP?
Are Storage Conditions important for medicines?
What is the significance of Expiry date?
Can we use the products after the Expiry date of Products?
Can medicines be stored in a Refrigerator?
If a specific Brand is not available in a pharmacy, can a Pharmacist substitute it with another Brand?
What is the relevance of a particular Brand which your Doctor has prescribed?
To cite a few examples.
Are they any specific reasons for this difference?
Does it mean that the same drug made by different manufacturer could be different in quality characteristics?
This leads to another important feature of bulk drug manufacture?
What is Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR )?
Why the cost of a new drug is high?
What should you tell your doctor when you visit him?
About Your Ailment?
About any allergies?
If you are any specific diet?
If you are Pregnant?
If you are breast feeding?
Older Adults-
Other medicines-