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This Database is intended for use as a Reference Manual for Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and other Health Care Professionals. Patients interested in knowing more about the drugs they have been prescribed by their Doctor, may also find it useful. However, it should be emphasized that this database is a compilation of prescription medicines only and SHOULD NOT be used a resource for ill advised self- medication.

This database is compilation of information gathered from Standard available resources and does not contain any data from original research nor does it reflect the site owner’s views or preferences.

This is meant to serve as an easy, ready to use reference database, and for more detailed information, respective books or periodicals may be referred.

This database has been prepared WITHOUT any profit motive. No consideration, in cash or kind has been received by the site owner from any Pharmaceutical company, publisher, medical establishment, medical or Para-medical professional or third party as funding either in whole or in part for any section of this website. It is intended solely as a public interest initiative for use by the intended target group. It is the site owner’s request that the spirit of the initiative should be respected by the users, and no individual or organization should use this site for any commercial gain.


  1. Drug Facts and Comparison – 51st Edition 1997
  2. Drug Facts and Comparison - 2010
  3. USP PDI Vol II 17th Edition - 1997
  4. Harrison’s – Principle of Internal Medicine – Ninth Edition
  5. Goodman and Gilman’s – The Pharmacologic Basis of Therapeutics – Sixth Edition
  6. Martindale – The Complete Drug Reference 33rd Edition Edited by Sean C Sweetman Published by The Pharmaceutical Press
  7. MIMS India – Monthly publication
  8. CIMS India – Four Monthly
  9. New Product Launches – Original Research Information from Manufacturers

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