A-Z Indication Information.


72 Indication founds starts with "B"

Burns Burns,fractures & chr wast dis
Body aches & head ache Bronchial asthma aller/N-aller
Bronchial obstruction in asthm Bronchial secretion
Bronchial spasm Bronchiectasis
Bronchitis Broncho-pneumonia
Bronchorrhoea Bronchospasm in asthma
Bronchospasm in bronch asthma Bronchospasm in bronchitis
Bleeding gums Block anaesthesia
Bronchoscopy Before/after surgery
Bowel disease Blood glucose estm in diabete
Bed sores Bacterial conjuntivitis
Bacterial infections of eye Bacterial ocular infection
Blepharitis Bactl/inflam skin infections
Bactric/funguc/viruc in surger Boils
Burns & scalds Burns-contrl bact invas/infect
Bladder cancer Bladder carcinoma
Brain tumors Breast cancer
Breast carcinoma Bronchogenic carcinoma
B.malayi Bacteraemia
Bacterial diarrhoea Bacterial endocarditis
Bacterial skin infection Biliary tract infection
Bone and joint infection Bronchial infection
Burns & wounds Backache
Biliary colic Bruises
Bursitis Bacterial vaginitis
Burger's disease Bacterial enteritis
Benign gastric ulcer Biliary spasm
Billary hypotonia Bloating
Bleeding disorders Bile duct infection
Behavorl & psychtic prob-chldn Behavioural disorders
Behav/psychotic disrd old age Biliary dyskinesia
Bacterial vaginosis Benign prostatic hypertrophy
Bone marrow transplantation Bleedg due to gastr-duod ulcr
Benign prostatic hyperplasia Bacillus Calmette- Guerin -refractory carcinoma in situ
B-cell chromic lymphocytic leukemia ( B- CLL ) Bronchial airway hyperreactivity
Bipolar I disorder Biosimilar to U.S. licensed neupogen for the five indications for which US-licensed Neupogen is approved.The formulation of ZARXIO differs from that of US-licensed Neupogen in one inactive component