A-Z Indication Information.


212 Indication founds starts with "C"

Cystic and conglobate acne Carnitine deficiency - systemic
Cal & Vit defeciency states Cal def in growing children
Cal defeciency states Cal suppl in pregnancy & lact
Calorie conscious people Cervical & lumbar syndrome
Chemo/radio therapy Chemotherapy
Chrn debilit dises in old pat Chronic alcoholism
Chronic bronchitis Chronic lung diseases
Chronic renal failure Colitis
Corneal & conjunctvial xerosis Constipation
Convales fol maj illness/surg Convalescence
Convalescence-elderly Coticosteroid therapy
Cardiac insufficiency Central respiratory disorders
Chrn pulmn dis+acu hypercapnia Chron treat of asthma wi stero
Chronic obstructive bronchitis Congestion,cold
Conjunctivitis Cough
Cough & conjection Cough ass wi various RTI
Cough ass with bronchits Cough associ with COPD
Cough of bronchial origin Cough to chr obstruct pul dis
Coughs of allergic origin Coughs of various aetiology
Cough dry & spasmodic Cough productive
Cough smoker's Common cold symptomt relief
Cough unproductive Cough Whoopng
Cocur tret wi ster/antbact frm Cold sores
Catheterization Caudal anaesthesia
Cystoscopy CT scan enlargement
Contras medm for iv urography Chldn-inhal ther in acu attack
Cataract Cataract diabetic,traumatic
Cataract primary,senile Cataract surgery
Chloramphen sens infections Chronic conjuntivitis
Chronic open angle glaucoma Conjunctival edema
Conjunctivitis sicca Cornea transplant
Corneal burns Corneal ulcer
Chronic idiopathic urticaria Candial paronychia
Candida vulvitis Candida infections
Candidal intertrigo Candidiasis of skin
Care of nipples Chronic dermatoses
Circumsition Contact dermatitis
Corns and Calluses Corticoster res dematoses
Cosmetic allergy Cutaneous candidosis
Cutaneous moniliasis Cuts
Cuts & wounds Calcium renal lithiasis
Carcinoma of gast-intes tract Choriocarcinoma
Chr lymphotic leukaemias Chr myelogenous leukaemia
Chron granulocytic leukaemia Colon-rectum cancers
CNS infection Carbuncle
Carditis Cellulitis
Cervicitis Chloroquine-resistent malaria
Cholecystitis Chronic instestnl amoebiasis
Cryptococosis Cystic fibrosis
Cystitis Cancer pain
Cervical spondylosis Chronic muscular pain
Castration -Male Climacteric symp.-Male
Climacteric symptoms Collagen diseases
Cond wher Iod/KI are indicated Connective tissues disorders
Corticosteroids respon.shocks Cretinism
Cryptorchidism Candida vaginitis
Candidiasis Cerebral oedema
Chemical barrier for contracep Cirrhosis of liver
Contraception Corpulmonale
Cirrhosis of liver wi ascites Cardiospasm
Cholelithiasis Chronic hepatic insufficiency
Cirrhoris of liv.adj.therepy Colic
Colonic motility disorders Constp.hyperkinetic-spastic
Constp.hypokinetic-atonic,mxd Crohn's ileocolitis
Cryptitis CHD
CHF Capil frag in opthal/ENT/derm
Cardiac arrhythmias Cardiac dysarrhythmias
Cardiac failure Cardiogenic shck fol card surg
Cerebral Vasodilator Cerebral cir.disturb./arterosc
Cerebro-vascular insufficiency Cerebro-vascular disease
Chronic stable angina Circulatory disorders
Cold feet & cold hands Confusion
Congestive Cardiac failure-CCF Congnitive dysfunction
Coron heart dis with angina Coronary artery bypass grafts
Coronary artery spasm Coronary dilating effect
Coronary insufficiency Cholesterol lowering
Childhood bed wetting Cerebro-vascular accidents
Confusion in old age Cerebl impair-orgnc gegn cortx
Cereberal disorders to ageing Cystinuria
Chemotherapy induced neutropenia Crohn's disease
Chronic hyperkerototic eczema Chronic hyperkeratotic psorias
CT-cisternography Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Contrast medium for MRI Cerebral malaria
Condylomata acuminata Carcinoma of testis & uterus
Cardiovascular disorders Chorea
Chronic hepatitis C in patient Cushings syndrome
Cutaneous T cell lymphoma ( CTCL ) Cleans and wets artificial eye and increases wearing comfort to the patient
Contact lens fitting aid. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia -CLL
Cardiomyopathy associated with doxorubicin use ( except Totect ) Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
Colorectal carcinoma Chronic Myelogenous leukemia ( CML )
Cushing's syndrome differential diagnosis Coccidiomycosis diagnosis
Complicated intra-abdominal infections Coagulation Disorders
Chronic Hepatitis B Calcium supplementation
Community acquired pneumonia ( CAP ) Chancroid
CMV Retinitis - Cytomegaovirus rhinitis Chronic idiopathic constipation
Cleansing of colon before colonoscopy Cat
Cataplexy Corneal anesthesia of short duration
Congenital heart defects in neonates Cytoprotective agent in chemotheraphy
Chronic urea-splitting urinary infection Carnitine Deficiency in Haemodialysis patients
Cyanide Poisoning Combination therapy to treat adults with multi-drug resistent pulmonary tuberculosis when other alternatives are not available
Combination with with a FOLFIRI (Folinic acid, fluorouracil, and Irinotecan) chemotherapy regimen to treat adults with colorectal cancer Combination with prednisone (a steroid) to treat patients with late-stage(metastatic) castration-resistent prostrate cancer who have received prior docetaxel(chemotherapy)
Control hyperurecemia and manage the signs and symptoms of Gout Chronic granulomatous disease
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia(CLL) patients who have received at least one prior therapy Castration Resistent Prostrate Cancer , symptomatic Bone Metastases and no known visceral metastatic disease.
Children and adults with Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA) Chronic liver disease
Conjunctivial decongestant Control of deviant antisocial sexual behaviour
Circadian rhythm disorders Coronovirus infection 2019-(COVID-19)