A-Z Indication Information.


138 Indication founds starts with "D"

Dry eyes Debility
Degen chang tis middle aged Dehydration
Dehydration du vomit/diarrhoea Delayed healing of fractures
Delayed growth& after illness Dental caries
Diabetes insipidus Diabetic acidosis
Diarrhoea Diet supp dur convl/old age
Dietary suppl dur adolescence Dietary supple in infant/chldn
Dietary supplem in pregan/lact Dietary supplement
Dimorphic anemias Dyspepsia
Dysuria Drug induced CNS depression
Dysponea Dacrcystis,aller inf rosac cnj
Denture irritation Dialysis fluid
Dumping syndrome DSA intra-arterial injection
Detection of glucose in urine Dacrocystitis
Dermatoses Drug & serum reactions
Dandruff Decubitous ulcer
Dentistry-local anaest bef inj Dermal mycoses
Dermat wi neomycin sen orgnsm Dermatatoses wi fungal infectn
Dermatatoses wi fungl/bac infe Dermatitis
Dermatitis incl contact Dermatitis sen to stroid thera
Dermatos-sec mxd fung/bact inf Dermatoses due to dermaophyte
Dermatoses wi sec bact infectn Discoid lupus erythematosus
Dry & hyperkeratoic skin condn Dry dermatoses
Dry eczema Dyshidrosis
Diagn of acute opoid overdosag Dental infections
Dermatomycosis & candida infec Diphtheria antitoxin
Diphylibothrium latum Doxycycline sensitive infect.
Dental procedures Dental inflammations
Dental pain Dysmenorrhoea
Delayed puberty Depressed debilated male persn
Dermatological disorders Diabetes mellitus
Disorders of spermatogenesis Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
Deodenogast.dypep.sysm.disor. Diabetic gastric stasis
Diagnostic endoscopy Diarrh/dysentry of mxd org
Digestive disturbances Disoln.of chlost.gall stones
Disturbance of digestion Diverticulosis
Drug induced hepatitis Drug induced ulceration
Duodenal enteritis Duodenal reflux
Duodenal ulcer Duodenal & benign gastric ulcr
Duodenitis Dysentry
Dyseptic symptoms complex Dyspepsia &hyperacidity synd
Dis radioluct cholst gallstone DUB-IUCD induced bleeding
Deep venous thrombosis Diabetic gangrene
Diabetic retinopathy Digitalis therapy
Disorientation Disturbances of cardiac rhythm
Dizziness Drug induc extra-pyramid react
Depression Delusions
Depressive neurosis wi anxiet Depresn-obsesnl & phobec stat
Depressn whr sedatn not reqd Depressn cyclic & recurring
Depression with insomnia Depressn with/without anxiety
Dementia Disorders of intel func & conc
Diabetic neuropathy Depot contraceptive
Detectn of 1gA/1gG in ser/bfd Diet failed NIDDM type(ll)
Dissemint mammary/prost carsin Diabetic gastroparesis
Delayed gastric emptying Dermatophytosis
Diabetic nephropathy wi/o hypr Diffuse hair or thinng in fema
Depigmentation of the skin Dry skin
Delayed dilation of cervix Diabetic micro-angiopathy
Desquarntive gingivitis Drug induced neuropathy
Disfiguring scars after operation Diabetic neuropathic ulcers
Diagnostic agent for corneal abnormality Diagnostic capsules
Diagnosis of gastrinoma- Diagnosis of pancreatic dysfunction
Diagnostic ultrasound imaging agent Diagnostic aid
Detection of pheochromocytoma/neuroblastoma Dermal ulcer
Dry mouth Darier's disease
Decrease the frequency of flare-ups(exacerbations) or worsening of symptoms from severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) Diagnose problems or disease of the kidneys
Diagnose problems /disease of the stomach Diagnostic imaging agent to detect Recurrent Prostrate Cancer
Diagnostic imaging agent to detect Rare Neuroendocrine tumors Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Dermatophyte.yeast and mould nail infections Diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain