A-Z Indication Information.


66 Indication founds starts with "G"

Gastro-enteritis with dehydrat General tonic
Geriatric cases/disorders Glossitis
Growth in children/adolescents General discomfort
Gingivitis Gastrointestinl studies(oral)
Glaucoma Gen purpose antiseptic
Gram positive bactl skin inf Gastro-intestl tract carcinoma
Glioma Gout
G.I. infection G.I.tract infections
Gasgangrene antitoxin Genital infections
Genito-urinary tract infection Gentamycin sensitive infection
Giardiasis Glomerulonephritis
Gonococcocal urethritis Gonorrhoea
Gram +ve gram -ve infections Gram positive infn.res.stap.co
Granuloma inguinale Gynaecological infections
Gynaecological inflammation Galactorrhoea
Grw distb-insuff sec endohorm Gynaecomastia
Gonococcal infections Gram-negative bacteria infect
Gastritis chronic G.I. colic
G.I.disturbances G.I. reflux
Gaseous abdmnl disentn-chldn Gaseous distension
Gastric motility disorders Gastric stasis follw.vagatmy
Gastric ulcer Gastritis
Gastroenteritis Gastroestrophageal reflux disease (GERD)
Gastroparesis Gripping in infants &children
Gastritis severe GI haemorrhage
Gastric atony Gall bladder infection
Grand mal Genital herpes
Gastric distension Gouty arthritis
Gall bladder stones Genital and Perianal warts
GI adrenocarcenoma metastatic to the liver Gonadorelin test
Gall bladder contraction stimulation Gaucher Disease
Germ cell testicular cancer -third-line adjunctive treatment Giloblastoma multiforme
Gastrointestinal tract spasm Gastroenteritis due to Rotavirus infection