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141 Indication founds starts with "H"

Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (HoFH) Homozygous Stilosterolaemia (Phytosterolaemia)
Hands cleaning Hypertensive patients with hyperlipidemia
Hairy Cell Leukemia ( HCL ) Haematinic dur pregency/lactn
Heat exhaustion Heavy loss of prot caus by wou
Hemolytic anaemia Hepatic cirrhosis
Hepatic dysfunction Hepatic encephalopathy
Hepatitis Hypochloremic alkalosis
Hypochlorhydria Hyponatremia
Hypoparathyroidism Hypoproteinaemia
Hypovitaminosis Headaches
Haemorrhoids(piles) Haermorrhage
Hg sel nondepolar mus relax Hepat B surf antigen in serum
Hysterosalpingography Herpetic keratitis
Hyperemia secondary to allerg Hay fever
Hair-bed & hair root diseases Hematomas
Herpes simplex Herpes zoster
Hyperkeratosis Hyperpigmentory conditions
Hypertrophic lichen planus Head Pediculosis
Head & neck cancer Hepatolenticular degeneration
Hodgkin lymphomas-cert forms Hodgkins disease
Hodgkin's/non-Hodgkin's lympho Hypercholesteroaemia
Hyperlipidaemia Hyperuricaemia
Hepatic amoebiasis Hookworms
Hospital acquired infections Hydatid cysts
Hymenolepis nana Hypovolaemic shock
Habitual abortion Hormonal imbalance
Hypogonadal disord.-Male Hypogonadism
Hypogonadotrophic hypogonoadsm Hypopituitarism
Hypopituitarism -Male Hypotension
Hypothyroidism Haemorr dur 3rd stage labour
Haemorr dur ceaserean section Haemorr following abortion
Hepatic & renal diseases Hepatic cirrhosis with ascites
Hyperten ass with hyperaldstrs Hypertension
Hab.consti.in Abnomn.hernia Hab.consti.in early pregnen.
Hab.consti.in myocard.infact. Hab.consti.in piles/fissures
Hab.consti.in sev.hyperten. Heartburn
Heartburn of pregnancy Hepatobiliary disorders
Hepatomegaly Hiatus hernia
Hiccups Hypermotility
Hyperacidity Hyperhydrosis
Hyperperistalsis Hypersecretion
Hematemesis Haematuria
Haemoptysis Haemorrhagic disorders
Heart failure Heart surgery
Hyperkinetic heart syndrome Hypertension ass with diabetes
Hypertensive crisis Hypertensive emergencies
Hypertensive encephalopathy Hyperthyroidism
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Hypertropic obstr cardiomyopat
Hypeten not cntl by sing hyper Hyphaemas
HIV infection Hypomania
Hebephrenia Hallucinations
Hypoacusis & giddness in eldrl Haemochromatoses
Hyper acute eczema Hyperprolactinemia
Hypertriglyceridaemia Hyperlipoproteinemia
Hypercalcaemia of malignancy Hyperparathyroidsm/Vit D intox
Hormone replacement therapy Heparin overdosage
Hypoglycemia Haemophilia
Hyperphostaemia in renal fail Hypoprothrombinaemia
Hemiballimus Hpocalcemia in patients
Haemolytic anemias Hepatorenal syndrome
Herpes labialis Histoplasmosis , diagnosis
Hyperpigmented skin Hyperkalaemia associated with oliguria or dialysis
Hypocalcaemia due to Hypoparathyroidism Hospital acquired pneumonia
Head Injury Hypoestrogenism
Hunter Syndrome Hereditary Tyrosinemia Type 1 (HT-1)
Homocystinuria Hyperammonemia
Hyperphenylalanemia Hemostasis
Hypovolemia Hepatitis C virus (HVC) infection
Hot flushes associated with menopause to prevent osteoporosis after menopause HIV patients whose diarrhea not caused by an infection from a Drug Name- Fulyzaq Active Ingredient - Crofelemer To treat HIV/AIDS patients whose diarrhea is not an infection from virus, bacteria, or parasite Indication- HIV patients whose diarrhea not caused by infection from a virus,bacteria or parasite
Hepatic veno-occlusive disease with kidney or lung abnormalities Hallucinations and delusions associated with psychosis experienced with Parkinsons disease
Heparin induced Thtombocytopenia