A-Z Indication Information.


188 Indication founds starts with "I"

Intestinal strongyloidiasis Immunisation against pneumococcal disease
Idiopathic steatorrhoea Incr ca demand/growing childn
Incr needs dur pregnancy/lactn Incr req dur growth
Indigestion Infantile diarrhoea
Infections Infections,burns
Injuries Intolerance to milk
Iron defeciency anaemia Iron,protein defeciency
Iron/folic def dur preg/lactn Inflamm disord of upp res trac
Infleuenza Influenza
Inf of auditory canal Inflam & allerg cond of nose
Inflamm conditions of ear Inflamm follw oral surgery
Inflammation Iridocycitis
Irititis I.V fluid
Induct agent for bal anaesthes Infiltration
Inflamm after operation Inhalational anaesthesia
Instrument & lubrication Introduction of probes/cathet
Intervenous urography IDDM & NIDDM requiring insulin
Infected corneal ulcer Infected inflamm eye condition
Infected ocular inflammation Infection of the eye structres
Inflammation of eye Inflammatory ocular infection
Inhibitn of intra-oper miosis Intra-ocular lens inplant
Irrigation of eye Insect bites
Ichthyosis Ichthyosis vulgaris
Ichthyotic conditions Impetigo
Increas physiological pigmentn Increasg tolerance to sunlight
Infantile eczema Infected eczema
Infected wounds & ulcers Infertrigo
Inflam & pruritus acc cutn inf Inflam dermatophyte infection
Inflam dermatoses wi bact inf Inflam skin wi bactl/fungl inf
Inflam cortico ses dermatitis Inflamm ass wi severe dandruff
Inflammatory dermatoses Inflm cort res dermatoses
Inflm cort res lesions/bac inf Inflm dermat wi bac/fun inf
Insertn dur surg-bones/sf tiss Intertrigo
Intertrigo dyshidrosis Intractable eczema
Inoperable solid malignancies Intrcav effus-loc/dessm neopls
Idaemias res to diet alone Immun dipther/tetanus/wh cough
Immuno-thearpy Inf due to susep organsm
Infected wounds & burns Infections in oncology patient
Infectious diarrhoea Intestinal amoebiasis
Intra-abdominal infection Infective inflammation
Inflam & surgical trauma Inflam,painful& febrile cond
Inflammat oedema due to injury Inflammation after operation
Inflammatory & degenertv rheum Inflammatory and degen process
Inflammatory disorders Intervertebral disc syndrome
Induction of ovulation Infert.disor spermatogenisis
Infertility Infertility due to anovultion
Inflammatory diseases Intra-artcl osteoarthiritis
Irregular menstrual cycles Incontinence
Induction of labour Infect leucorrh non-preg wmn
Infect leucorrh preg wmn Infect leucorrh wmn oral contr
Infectious leucohhorea Inhibition of lactaction
Intestinal colic Irritable bowel syndrome
IUD intolerances Impaired digestion
Inbalanced intestinal flora Infant-to assist burping
Infants -bacterial diarrhoea Instl.evacut.pri.to radiolgy.
Intes colic/dig dis inf/chil Intest.amoeb.added bac.dysn.
Intestinal infections Intolerence to fatty food
Irritable colon syndrome Irritable or spastic colon
Imbal instl flora-due antib th IHD
Impro collatrl cir in mycard Increased capillay fragility
Infarction sequalae Inhbtn of thrombocyte aggreg
Intermittant claudication Intrauterine foetal death
Ischaemic heart disease Ischaemic hypertensives
Idiopathic parkinsonism Infect caus sen gram-ve bacter
Idiopathic trigeminal neuralgi Insomnia
Irritabilty Induced hypothermia
Inertia ITP
Imprv walk abil- interm claudi Inducing second trimester abor
Iron defiencies Infantile spasms
Impotence Infertility due to endometrios
Immunisation against Rubeola Inflamm dis of oral cavity
Inflamm dis of pharynx Impaired memory
Impaired hearing/cervical synd Immunisation against H.influen
Infectious spinal cord disease Induction of general anesthesia
Intra-ocular hypertension Immunodeficiency syndrome
Idiopathc thrmbocytopenic purp Immunisation against rabies
Immunisation against typhoid Immunisation against Hepatit-B
Immune stimulator Increase energy level & stamin
Immunisation against varicella Immunisation again Hepatitis A
Immuni meningitis, pnuemonia Induced hypotension
Immunisation against Rubella Virus (Measles) Immunisation against Cholera
Immunisation against mumps virus Immunisation against Yellow Fever
Intensive care unit sedation Interstitial Cystitis
Immunosuppression in organ transplantation Internal Contamination
Irrigation Solution Immunization against pneumococcal disease
Insect repellent Interdigital tinea pedis, tinea cruris, and tinea corporis caused by Trichophyton and Epidermophyton in patients 18 years and older
Improve walking ability of patients with Multiple Sclerosis(MS) Indicated for prevention of pregnancy
Itching associated with allergic conjuntivitis Infection caused by susceptible Bacteria- complicated skin and structure infection, Hospital acquired ventilator associated bacterial pneumonia
Improve working of Pancreas Improve immune system in children due to lack of ADA
Indicated as an Adjunct to Calcium and Vitamin D to Control Hypocalcemia in Patients with Hypoparathyroidism In combination with Pacitaxel,pegylated liposomal doxorubicin, or Topotecan for the Treatment of Patients with Platinum- resistent epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal Cancer
In combination in the treatment of patients with unresectable melaloma with BRAF V600E or V600K mutation In combination with Chlorambucil for the treatment of patients with previously untreated Chronic Lymphoma Leukemia(CLL)
In combination with Transtuzumab and Docetaxel for the Neoadjuvant treatment of patients with HER-2 -positive Locally Advanced Inflammatory, or Early stage Breast Cancer (either greater than 2cm in diameter or node positive) as a part of complete regimen for early breast cancer For use in combination with Transtuzumab and Docetaxel for the Neoadjuvant treatment of patients with HER-2 -positive Locally Advanced Inflammatory, or Early stage Breast Cancer (either greater than 2cm in diameter or node positive) as a part of complete regimen for early breast cancer In combination with Gemcitabine for the first-line treatment of Patients with Metastatic Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas
Inhalational Anthrax in combination with antibacterial drugs Improve Glycemic Control(blood sugar levels)
Immunisation against Tetanus Invasive candidiasis