A-Z Indication Information.


95 Indication founds starts with "N"

Non-tubercular mycobacterial infections Nervous exhaustion
Neuralgia Neurasthenia
Neuritis Neuropath ass Vit B-1,2,6 def
Neuropathies Nocturnal muscle cramps
Normalise pres of instnl flora Nourishing drink dur illness
Nutritnl suppl for illhealth Nutritnl suppl in adolescence
Nutritnl suppl in old age Nutritnl suppl to adults
Nutritnl suppl in convalescen Nutritnl suppl in grow childn
Nutritnl suppl in pregn/lact Nutrition in diarrhoea ass
Nutritional anaemia Nutritional anaemias of infanc
Nutritional disorders Nutritional supplement
Nutritnl suppl in stress Nutritnl suppl in burns
Nutritnl suppl in cancer Nutritnl suppl in mal-nut pat
Nutritnl suppl in postop recov Nutritnl suppl in trauma
Nutrnl,malabsbv Vit D res rckt Nasal cong with fever,aches
Nasal and sinus congestion Nutrinl disord/distb of N bal
Nutrion for long term inflamm Non-infected inflammation
Nausea Napkin erythema
Nappy/diaperrash Neurodermatitis
Nipple fissures Nipple soreness
Nuerodermititis Neonatal respiratory depressn
Nocturnal enuresis Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
NGU Necatoriasis
Neo-natal bacterial infections Neonatal & life threaten inf
Neonatal infections Neonatal jaundice
Normovolaemic haemodilution Neo-articul.rheumatic condtion
Neuritic vasomotor pain Non-articular rheumatism
Non-inflam.Rhem/arth.of joints Nephrotic syndrome
Nocturia Non specific vaginitis
Non-specific leucorrhoea NSAID induced ulcers
Nervous dyspepsia Non-ulcer dyspepsia
Nutritional additive Nephritis
Neurosis Narcolepsy
Noctumal enures not due org cu Nausea & vomiting
Nausea & vomiting-drug induced Nausea & vomiting-post operatv
Nausea & vomiting-cytox/chem therapy Nicotine poisoning
Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus - NIDDM patients Neonatal sepsis
Nodding spasms Non-infectious inflamm eye con
Neonate surg wi ductus dep CHD Neoplastic hypercalcemia
Neonatal hypocalcaemia/rickets Narcotic analgesic
Nicotine dependence Neoplastic brain disease
Neutral anticoagul eff hepar Neuroblastoma
Neurocysticercosis Neurogenc atony- urinary bladd
Neuroleptanalgesia Neonatal heart disease
Nocturnal emisson Neovascular age-related macular degeneration ( AMD )
Non - Hodgkin lymphoma - NHL Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug -associated gastric ulcers
Non-small cell lung cancer Nephropathic Cystinosis
Non-infected inflammatory conditions