A-Z Indication Information.


79 Indication founds starts with "O"

Orevention of VTE Obesity in adults
Old age Organomercurial diuretic thear
Osteomalacia Osteoporosis
Obstructive pulmonary diseases Otitis
Otitis media Otitis media chronic
Ocular infections Oral candidal or bacterial inf
Oral candidial infections Oral thrush in adults/dentures
Oral thrush in cancer,diabetes Oropharyngeal candidosis
Otitis externa Otomycosis
Otosclerosis Oedema due to dental procedure
Oedema due to infection Oedema due to injury
Oedema due to surgery Oesophagoscopy
Otological examination Ocular bacterial infections
Ocular hypertension Operative prophy in occul surg
Oral cavity gums Osteosarcoma
Ovarian cancer Ovarian carcin of epithl orign
Ovarian carcinoma Overdose of folic ac antagonis
Obsterical infections Obstetrical & gynaec.infection
Obstructive airway disease Opthalmic infections
Osteomyelitis Oxyuriasis
Opthalmic inflammations Osteoarthritis
Oligospermia Oral contraception
Oral cortico.therapy Orthostatic syndrome
Osteoporosis to androgen defe Overwhelming infection
Oedema Oedema associated with CHF
Oedema due to pregnency(2/3trm Oesophagitis
Oesophagospasm Organic lesion of G.I.tract
Oral,act immun-Salmonel Typhi Organic brain syndrome
Obscessive compulsive disorder Organic psychosyndrome
Oral contraceptv induc depress Oculomycoses
Open angle glaucoma Opacity of eye lens
Ophthalmological examinations Ophthalmoscopy
Optic neuritis Oral mucositis
Ocular Inflammation and pain Ocular viral infections
Ophthalmic anesthesia Obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome
Overactive Bladder Orthostatic Hypotension
Osteosclerosis Ophthalmic infections
Opioid induced constippation Once-a-day pill to treat HIV-1 Infection
Once-daily treatment of moderate-to-severe restless legs syndrome(RLS) Ovarian Cancer in Patients whose disease has progressed or recurred after Platinum-based Chemotherapy and AIDs -related Kaposis sarcoma after failure of prior systemic chemotherapy or intolerance to such therapy
Onchocerciasis due to immature onchocerca volvovulus