A-Z Indication Information.


366 Indication founds starts with "P"

Prophylaxis Phosphate binder
Prev of Influenza including H1N1 virus Prevention of VTE
Patent ductus arteriosus Palli tre-dissem carcin in wmn
Paren supl in protein defecien Parentl prot suppl in stress
Peripheral neuropathies Physical and mental stress
Polyneuropathies Post menopausal osteoporosis
Post op/post traumatic condit Post oper- multiple pregnancy
Post operative conditions Post surgical conditions
Post menopausal phase Post menopausal women
Post surgical hypo hydration Postop feed-orl feed not toler
Potatssium deficit Pre & post operative cases
Pre & post surgery Pre-oper meas in major surgery
Pregnancy Pregnancy & lactation
Premat babies/neont lact intol Premature babies
Prev & treat of pot depletion Prev of def of Vit B complex
Prev of def of Vit C,A,D,& min Prim/sec lactose intolerance
Primary/sec lactose intoleranc Prolonged antibiotic therapy
Prolonged fever Prolonged illness & geriat dis
Prolonged vomitting & diarrhea Promote growth in undernourished children
Proper bone form in inf/chldn Protein deficiency
Protein supplement in childn Protein supplement in infants
Puerperium Pulmonary disorders
Pyrexia Pain
Pharyngitis Pneumonia
Post oper pulm complication Pressur & congest due to sinus
Prev asthma to excercise,cold Prev of asthma due to allergy
Prev of asthma to chemicals Prev of bronho-pulm complicatn
Prophylax of bronchl asthma Pulmonary congestion
Pulmonary obstructive diseases Pulmonary tuberculosis
Painful sensitive teeth Perleche(angular chelitis)
Post/pos-tramt oper otis exter Pre/post-anti mastoid surgery
Prop aft remov foren body/ear Prophylax of allergic rhinitis
Prophyl use bef/aft otlog sur Pain in extensive burns
Painful cystitis Parentral protein supplementn
Peridural anaesthesia Plasma volume expanders
Posr-op nutrin alt to iv fluid Pre-oper/post-op nutrl disturb
Pre-operative hand scrubbing Pre-surgical prepn of skin
Prevention of DVT and PE Priming of heart lung machine
Protoscopy Pruritus & dentistry
Pyloric spasm Pat- coord prob wi convn inhal
Post op inf/ext ocular infectn Posterior segment surgery
Postop inflm-mydritc cort ther Pre/post op eye infec,scarific
Pre/post operative cases Pre/post oper use in ocul surg
Prev ocl inf eye aft cor rem Prev ocl inf eye/aft forbod rm
Prophylax dur ocular/eye surg Perennial allergic rhinitis
Polionosis Pre-anaesthetic medication
Pruritic & ocular allergies Pruritis
Pruritis due to acute urticaria Pain due to Fissures
Pain due to abrations Pain due to anorectal conditn
Pain due to haemorrrhoids Pain due to insect bites
Pain due to minor burns Paradentitis
Paronychia Paronychia & onychomycosis
Patchy hyperpigmentation Pigment formation in vitiligo
Pityriasis versicolor Post inflammatory melasma
Post episotomy pain Post haemorrhoidectomy pain
Post operative prophylaxis Post operative wounds
Prickly heat Prophyl trt of infect bones
Prophyl trt of soft tiss inf Pruritus & allergy
Psoriasis Pallia of Hodgkin's disease
Polycythaemia vera Prev of uric acid nephropathy
Prostate cancer Prostatic cancer-advanced cond
Prostatic carcinoma Psychosis
PID Paratyphoid
Pelvic inflammatory diseases Penicil sensitive infections
Peritonitis Pneumocystis carini
Pinworms Plasma exchange
Pneumonitis Polio vaccine
Post operative infections Post operative anaerobic infec
Pre-oper/post-oper treatment Perioperative prophylaxsis
Pre/post exp proph aga rabies Prev of dev of Anti-D antibodi
Prev-relap crytop mening-AIDS Prophylaxis during surgery
Prophyl of haemor to haemophla Prophyl against rheum fever
Prophyl agains Hepatitis B vir Prophyl agans cerbrspnl mening
Prophylax immuno-comprom pat Prophylax of Hepatitis B patie
Prophylax of infec diseases Prophylaxis against measles
Prophylaxis of meningitis A/B Prophylaxis of fungal infectn
Prostatitis Protozoal infections
Pseudomonas infections Pyoderma
Pain & inflammation Painful arthiritic conditions
Painful inflam cond in opthalm Painful inflam cond in urology
Painful inflammatory conditions Painful muscle spasm
Painful musculo-skeletal disorders Painful post op/post trau cond
Painful shoulder syndrome Painful skeletal mus.spasms
Pelvic inflammatory conditions Periarthiritis & tendinitis
Pericoronitis Post oper &traumatic inflammat
Post operative pain Post inflammatory conditions
Post traumatic conditions Premenstrual syndrome
Premenstrual tension Primary dysmenorrhoea
Polymenorrhoea Postponement of menstruation
Precocious puberty Premature labour
Prepn for thyroidectomy Prev of physilogcl lactaction
Primary & second.amenorrhoea Pain/spsm-intsnl,bilr,renl col
Post radiation vaginal muscost Post abortal haemorrhage
Post partum haemorrhage Post partum state
Pre oper proph in gynaecology Pre-eclampsia
Premature repture of membraine Primary& sec uterine inertia
Promotion of lactation Promotion of mastitis
Promotion of uterine involutn Puerperal haemorrhage
Puerperal sepsis Pyelitis
Pyelitis & pyelonephritis Pain asso. with gasritis
Pancreatic insufficiency Peptic oesophagitis
Peptic ulcer Phytobezoar
Poor digestion Post oper hypersec disord
Post operative ulcer Post hepatitis convalescence
Post operative digestive upset Pre& post oper.evacuation
Pre/post haemorrhoidectomy Precirrhotic & cirrh.changes
Prev of recc of duodenal ulcer Prev/treat of abdomnl colic
Pri.to endosc.to dipel froth Prior to radiological examinat
Proctitis Prophylax of ulcer relapse
Pyloroplasty Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia
Paramoxyml tachycardia Peripheral arterial disease
Peripher.vasc.occclu.arter.dis Peripheral & cerb./vasc disord
Peripheral vascular disorders Periphl vasclr thrombo-embolis
Phaeochromocytoma Post myocardial infaction
Post infaction angina Post partum-post-abortion haem
Post phlebitic lesions Premature beats/Atrial/ventric
Premature ventric contraction Prevention of ischemic neurological deficit subarchoid haemorachoid haemorrhage
Primary Pulmonary hypertension Prinzmetal's variant angina
Prophylaxis of angina pectoris Prphy in incr risk blood clot
Prophyl parxml supvent tacarhy Prphyl/tre of Prinzmetal angin
Pulmonary embolism Pulmonary hypertension
Pain,fever Post pancreatectomy cases
Prevention of secondary MI Post PTCA and post CABG
Prevention & suppres of malari Prophylax measles,mumps,rubell
Prophyl of rhesus immunisation Prev of Typhoid fev adl/chd 5y
Painfl diagnostic meas & surg Pre-medication to surgery
Pre-operative pain Pain due to myocardial infract
Prophylaxis of mania dep disor Painful diabetic neuropathies
Psychosomatic disorders Psychoneurotic disorders
Psychotic problems Psychoneurosis
Paranoid states Psychoneurotic states
Psychotic & neurotic depressn Psychomotor seizures
Petit mal Primary genrl & partl seizures
Post encephalitic Parkinsonism Parkinsonism exp drug-induced
Parkinsonism Paralysis
Primary progressive dementia Prevention of relapse of crytopic meningitis -AIDS
Prim/second antibody def stat Prophyl of iron/folic def-preg
Pulmonary & secondy amenorrhoe Pyridox def in pre-menstrl syn
Prev of re-occlu fol CABG,AVsh Prepartion for barium enema
Prophylax incr risk blood clot Painful inflam cond in gynaec
Painful inflam cond in dentist Prev surgically induc miosis
Pat hgh rsk bld los-opn hrtsur Preven & treat of osteoporosis
Peptic ulcer caused by H.pylor Peripheral angiography
PMTS Post-MI therapy
Psychiatric disorders Panic disorders
Post-cataract inflamm conditn Partial seizures in epilepsy
Post oper inflamm in catar sur Prevention of intra-op miosis
Post operative inflammation Peripheral nerve blck-jaw,neck
Prev/tret of post-op urn retn Pre-op antimuscuranic agent
Prolonged relief of sever pain Primary bacterial infections
Pre oper analgesia for mr surg Primary hyperchloesterolamia
Prophyl follow pancret surgery Periodontitis
Pagets disease of bone Postop idiopath hypoparathyrds
Pseudo-hypo-parathyroidism Polycystic ovarian disease
Prepn for colorectal surgery Prevn of graft rejectn in tran
Porphyria Plague
Prev of dev anti-D-Rh neg moth Prevention of stroke
Platelet inhibition Pituitary diabetes insipidus
Pregnancy test Pre mature ejaculation
Pituitary desensit prior IVF Prevention of coron heart dise
Premedication and anaethesia Prevention of premature ovulation
Prolonged menstruation- prevention Philadelphia chromosome (Bcr-Ab) positive chronic myleoid leukaemia
Premature ejaculation Postoperative ocular inflammation/pain
Peritoneal /Pleural effusions caused by metastatic cancer Pain due to osteoblastic metastatic bone lesions
Pre and Post Surgical Cases Painful Mouth/ Throat Inflammation
Prophylaxis During Organ Transplant Pregnancy associated nausea and vomiting
Preoperative surgery Post operative ileus
Postanesthesia Prevention of nausea /vomiting associated with chemotherapy
Paracetamol Poisoning Prophylaxis of haemorrhage
Prophylaxis of myocardial infraction Pompe Disease
Peripheral Stem Cell Collection and Transportation Prevention of Development of Anti-D Bodies in Rh-Negative mothers
Prevention of Hyperphosphatemia in renal failure Premature uterine contrations
Pulmonary Arterial hypertension (PAH) Patients with HER2 -positive late stage Metastatic Breast Cancer
Positron emission tomography (PET) for imaging brain in Alzheimers Disease (AD) Partial onset seizures in patients with epilepsy ages 12 years and older
Patients with corectal cancer that has progressed after treatment and spread to other parts of the body(metastatic) Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging agent used to help detect recurrent prostrate cancer
Patients with multiple myeloma who have reeceived two therapies, including treatment with Velcade(bortezomb) and an immunomodulator Prevention of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) , a breathing disorder that affects premature infants
Prevent acute rejection in adult patients who have had a kidney transplant Prevention of itching associated with Allergic Conjuntivitis
Prevention of pregnancy following unprotected intercourse or a known or suspected contraceptive Prevention of atherothrombtic events in patients undergoing coronary interventionPrevention of atherothrombtic events in patients undergoing coronary intervention
Patients with Refractory Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma(PTCL) Prevent your body from interacting with any of your babys blood
Pneumocystis carini pneumonia (PCP) Post-Autologous Hematopoietic stem cell Transportation (Auto-HSCT) consolidation with Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma(HL)
Patients with Polycythemia Vera(PV) with inadequate response or more intolerent of Hydroxyurea(HU) Patients with Unrescetable or Metastatic Melaloma with BRAF V600ZE mutation
Promote normal intestinal bacterial flora Prevention of Rotavirus Gastroenteritis
Prevention of Cervical Cancer caused by HPV types 16 and 18 Palliative treatment of carcinoma of the colon, rectum, breast , stomach, or pancreas