A-Z Indication Information.


171 Indication founds starts with "S"

Short acting IV anesthetic for indu/maint anesthesia Severe acne unrseponsive to antibiotic therapy
Severe congenital ichthyisis Severe Daniers disease
Sciatica Scurvy
Stomatitis Stress
Stressful conditions Stronger bones and teeth
Sugar substitute in diabetes Supplement to antibiotics
Systemic alkaliser Seasonal allergic rhinitis
Severe bronchospasm Sinusitis
Sneezing Status asthmaticus
Symp rel of upp resp tract con Sympt relief of nonprod cough
Symptom relief of cold/cough Symptom treat of allerg rhinit
Symptomat relief of cough/asth Symtomatic relief of sinusitis
Scleritis Sore throat
Shock Sht act depol mus relax du ana
Sigmoidoscopy Spinal anaesthesia
Status eliptepticus Supplem low pot agen-nitros ox
Surface anaethesia of cornea Sprains
Strapings Strilised dressing for post sr
Secondary glaucoma Sht act mydriatic/cycloplegic
Stye injuries Styes of bacterial origin
Sulpnam sen inf of eye Superficial ocular infections
Superficial corneal opacities Sympt relief of allergic cond
Scabies Scabies & pediculosis
Seborrhoeic dermatit of scalp Seborrhoeic dermatitis
Skin depigmentation Solar dermatitis
Sprains & bruises Stasis dermatitis
Ster res dermatos wi prunitis Steroid respon skin disorders
Sunburn Superficial bact infections
Superficial thrombophlebitis Susceptible skin infections
Sycosis barbae Small cell lung cancer
Soft tissue sarcoma Supfl paplr adencarc of urnbld
STD Schistosomiasis
Sepsis Septicaemia
Serious infections Shigellosis
Sing/mxd helminthic infections Skin & soft tissue infection
Skin infection Soft tissue infection
Staphylococcus infections Streptococal infections
Strongyloides & taenia infestn Strongyloides stercoralis
Surgical infections Surgical prophylaxis
Susceptible infections Syphilis
Systemic candidosis Systemic fungal infections
Systemic inf due to E.Histoly Seronegative arthropathies
Severe rheumatic disorders Skeletal muscle spasms
Soft tissue inflammation Soft tissue injury
Soft tissue rheumatism Spondylitis
Sports injuries Sprains & strains
Stiffnes in arthiritis Strains
Synovitis Secondary amenorrhoea
Severe asthma Sterility to ovulatory failure
Steroid responsive disorders Surgical menopause
Severe systemic infections Smooth muscles spasm
Spasmodic dysmenorrhoea Spasmodic pains
Stimulate uterine contraction Stubbn & prolong utern interia
Super inf wi clotrmz sens bact Supra-public pain-cystitis
Symp treat of uterine bleeding Symptomtic relief of dysuria
Spasms of G.I & billiary tract Spastic colon
Stomach ulcer Stool softener
Superinfectn. follg.antibio Symp ass wi dely gast emptyg
Symp/musc lesn-gst-osep refl Symptomatic relief of diarrhoe
Sytmc sclers/autonmc neurpth Septic shock
Shock in myocardial infaction Stable angina
Stroke Stroke due to cerebral thrombo
Subacute or acute pulm odema Subarachnoid haemorrhage
Supraventricular tachycardia Surgical procedure
Swollen legs Symptomatic ventric arrhythmia
Symptomat relief of pain/fever Snake bites
Short term mangmt of acut pain Symp tret-pain/fev wi naus/vom
Sedation Sleep disturbances
Sht trm smp treat of anxiety Schizophrenia
Stammering Senile confusion
Somatic disorders to emot fact Spasticity
Sub-involution of uterus Situational anxiety
Stevens-Johnson syndrome Sub-arachnoid haemorrhage
Summer diarrhoea Spaticity of skelet muscles
Ster res inflm /pal conjuntiva Supression of lacatation
Stokes-Adam attacks Skin and skin structure infections
Spermatorrhea Suppression of adrenal function
Scleroderma Saravanan
Sterilant Staphylococcal skin infections
Symptomatic Relief of Premenstrual symptoms Supplementation of Calcium and Vitamin D3
Severe pain Seizures
Smoking cessation Severe Congenital Protein C Deficiency
Susceptible eye infections of conjunctiva Seizures associated with epilepsy
Skin mycoses caused by dermatophtes and yeast- Pityriasis Versicolor Stage 1 hypertension with CV risk
Skeletally Mature adolescents with giant cell tumor of bone that is unrecetable or whose surgical resection is likely to severe morbidity Single Agent for the treatment of Patients with HER2- Positive, Metastatic Breast Cancer who previously received Transtuzumab and a Taxane, separately or in combination.
Staphylococcus bone and joint infections