A-Z Indication Information.


39 Indication founds starts with "U"

UV induced cancer Ulcerative colitis
Underweight children Uremia
Urethritis Urgent replc/supplemen therapy
Upper airways disorders Upper respiratory congestion
Upper respiratory infections Upper/lower res tract infectn
Urticaria Urethral operations
Urine glucose monit in oth con Urine glucose monitor in diabe
Ulcers Use aft remov of contact lens
Uticaria with prutitis Unguium
Ulcerative gingivitis UTI thru' chlorphen sens orgm
Ureteric colic Urethrocystitis
Urgency Urinary tract infections- UTI
Uro-genital infections Uterine atony
Uterine subinvolution Unstable angina
Uterine haemorrhages Upper motor neuron spasticity
Ulcerative skin lesions Uterine hypoplasia
Urea cycle disorders Urinary retention
Uterine fibroids prior to surg Uterine Contraction
Used with Chlorambucil to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) Urine acidifier
Ulcerative lessions